Custom Yacht Covers is committed to the manufacture of products of the highest quality. For this reason Custom Yacht Covers has always used PTFE Teflon coated thread on all jobs. This attention to detail and quality is not reserved for products designed and manufactured by Custom Yacht Covers but extends to all restitch and repair jobs.
PTFE thread is the most important, uncompromising feature to look for in a durable boat cover or other marine product. It extends the life of the product by up to 8-10 years, this is much longer compared with the more commonly used UV Polyester bonded thread. Bottom-line – any cover, or other marine fabric product is only as good as the thread used to make it. Consistently in the deterioration of marine covers and products the thread is the first component to deteriorate. Polyester bonded thread will often break down after exposure to UV and acid rain. This often means the materials outlast the thread and require repair and restitching to extend the life of the product. Boat owners who leave their boats in the open all year round find that UV polyester thread tends to only last about 2 years while PTFE thread has the capacity to last the life time of the product guaranteed.
PTFE thread is the only product on the market that will last in today’s pollution. It is Teflon coated and clear-coloured, making it suitable for all colours and shades of fabrics and is easy to clean. It does not deteriorate, burst or break, despite years of exposure to weather, extreme temperature and atmospheric chemicals. It is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, many fungi, acids and alkalis, mildew, rot, organic solvents and sunlight. Products sewn with PTFE sewing thread are covered under manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind that there will be no future expenses for restitching. Custom Yacht Covers is the only company that uses PTFE thread on all products and jobs completed by them.
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