Fabric and Materials

An inherent component of marine activity is exposure to extreme natural elements and the marine environment. Therefore, to achieve the best results in marine trimming, it is essential to use only the best materials available.

For this reason Custom Yacht Covers principally uses 3 types of fabric; WeatherMax80, Sunbrella and Stamoid. These three fabrics are at the top end of the marine fabrics currently available within the industry in regard to quality, durability and finish. We deal with all major suppliers of top end products and, where required to maintain quality, we import directly from international suppliers. We have samples of all fabrics available to the industry, including fabrics such as suedes, acrylics, carpets, clear plastic, upholstery vinyl’s and leathers that have been designed for marine use.

WeatherMax80 is a great fabric for spray dodgers, biminis, boom tents, boom bags and boat covers. We often use WeatherMax80 as it is a strong and durable fabric which offers better chafe resistance, is light weight and has great colour retention. Its light weight makes it easier for a crew to handle, is more manageable for solo sailors and, when folded, is more compact to allow for easier stowage.
For further information on the qualities and specification of WeatherMax80:
www.safetycomponents.com/WeatherMax/FAQ   WeatherMax

Sunbrella is the number one leading fabric in the world and is used in the outfitting of many boats and yachts. This is a trusted and proven brand that often matches existing trimmings within many vessels. There is a wide range of colour choice with some colours available in different speciality fabrics to allow flexibility and consistent design.
For further information on the qualities and specification of Sunbrella:
www.sunbrella.com Sunbrella

Stamoid is one of the world’s best marine fabrics. It is the toughest and most reliable under all conditions. 100% waterproof and resistant to UV degradation, dirt, mould and mildew, Stamoid marine fabrics are simple to maintain and offer a longer, hassle-free life.
For further information on the qualities and specification of Stamoid Marine fabrics:
yachting.sergeferrari.com  Stamoid