At Custom Yacht Covers we recognise that each yacht and motor boat is a valued investment and the best quality products are required to protect this investment. However, using the best quality thread and materials is not enough. Even when using the best materials available, if time and care are not taken in the design and construction, the finished product is next to worthless. That is why we apply the highest standard of design and craftsmanship to ever boat cover or marine trimming product we make. Although such an approach requires extensive hours of labour, it ensures that all products we deliver are more durable, ascetically pleasing and have an increased life span.

The four key areas of construction that places our craftsmanship at the higher end, and increases the worth of the final product, are outlined below.
1) Custom-fit and design
Taking the extra time accurately to measure, design and pattern each individual job, rather than working from existing patterns, means all covers and marine products will fit perfectly, be one of a kind, will not flog or sag and will fulfil the specific design and purpose of each product. Establishing the perfect fit can also extend the longevity of the product as without things such as flogging and sagging, not only does it better protect the boat from the elements, but the product itself is more resistant to wear and tear.
2) Semi flat felled Seam
We take the extra time to create a semi flat felled seam. This means that the first stitch line is hidden from UV and other environmental elements. We then stitch through 3 layers of fabric to finish off the seam. This labour intensive process, not only means the finished product is aesthetically pleasing, but provides 95% strength of the fabric and a near waterproof seam, increasing the durability and longevity of the product.
3) Doubled rolled hems
We take the extra time to double roll all hems. This means no raw edges are left exposed to the elements as a possible weakness in the product. Double rolled hems stitch through three layers creates a strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.
4) Reinforcement
We take the time to reinforce all products using the best quality materials for the purpose and utility of the finished product. Reinforcement can be labour intensive due to the thickness of materials used, whether they be an extra layer of the cover cloth or truck tarp vinyl, but delivers a quality, dependable and highly protective product.