Marine Covers

Boat covers, boom tent coversBoat Cover-Audacious-Sydney38
At CYC we recognize that boats come in all shapes and sizes and therefore require special attention. We design boat covers that are not only practical but look good. Our boat covers are individually designed and created to ensure the perfect fit for you boat. A well-crafted and fitting cover provides protection for your boat against the elements – harsh weather, acid rain, salt, pollution and harmful UV rays. This will save you time on maintenance, add resale value and improve the appearance of your vessel for years to come. View Product Gallery

Upholstery and cushionsIMG_0436s
Upholstery and cushions, although serving a practical purpose, are often the aspect of your boat design that allows your personality to shine through. Unlike other areas of marine trimming, upholstery can be the one area where you can put your stamp on your boat! Whether fitting out a new vessel and making it your own, or refurbishing, CYC can meet your upholstery needs. Upholstery not only enhances the look and value of your boat, internally and externally, it often plays a practical role in utility and maintenance.
When considering upholstery needs for your vessel, it is important to take into account environmental factors such as dampness, salt and sunlight to which your finished product will be exposed. That is why we use only the best products to design and create marine cushions and upholstery. To ensure that both the design and durability components of your upholstery and cushions needs are met, we use quality fabrics and fillers. For durability and comfort we use quick dry foam – a reticulated foam, that can be left outside all year round with minimal maintenance. Our huge range of fabrics allows your personality to shine through. We have hundreds of different fabrics, colours and patterns to choose from. All fabrics used have the additional benefit of being fire retardant and water resistant providing security in the knowledge that your product will stand the test of time. View Product Gallery

Racing accessoriesc3s
Racing yachts present unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to marine trimming accessories. We at CYC know that a professional sailing program is not just reliant on the way the vessel is crewed and sailed but how your vessel is setup and prepared. A core component in guaranteeing a successful racing yacht is boat preparation, maintenance and management. We, at CYC can help with the setup, preparation, organisation and versatility of your yacht. With a few key equipment upgrades, CYC can make your yacht functional and organised, keeping the deck as clean and unobstructed as possible to enhance functionality during the race!
CYC will custom design and manufacture exactly what you need to fit your unique racing yacht requirements whether in the bay or on the ocean, with products such as padded lifelines, rope bags, race document holders, companionway covers, companionway curtains, handy Rosie, ocean crew kit pockets, pipe cots, lee cloths, sail retainers, reinforcing and strengthening safety equipment. View Product Gallery

Spray Dodgersd5s
Dodgers are designed to protect the cockpit and crew from the worst of the wind and spray, at all times. Dodgers increase safety by enhancing visibility in all weather conditions, keeping the crew drier, warmer and therefore reducing fatigue related error. Further the hand grips allow for ease of movement in and out of the cockpit. While back in the marina they offer privacy.
Every boat owner and crew knows that dodgers although necessary can be difficult to fit. With this, one needs to meet a range of often competing requirements including being both strong and easy to collapse and store, the need for maximum space and durability but also an attractive external profile, adequate cover yet not interfere\ing with winches, the boom or side decks. The art of the perfect dodger is in achieving balance with these competing demands. At CYC we design and manufacture every dodger to the unique specification of the boats dimensions, equipment, boom, traveller, winches and jammers.
Our dodgers are collapsible to stow relatively compactly against the deck or can be fully removed and erected in a matter of minutes. All our Dodgers are made using top grade mirrored finished stainless steel bows, fitted with marine grade S/S fittings. We use top marine grade fabrics (with a range of choices in colour), 100% UV resistant thread, complemented with the superior clarity of Strataglass and zip down windows to improve ventilation. View Product Gallery

Biminis offer you and your vessel protection from the wide range of weather condition from sun to rain and storms. Biminis’s are versatile and can be used whilst underway or when relaxing in the cockpit after a hard day’s sail.
At CYC all Biminis are custom designed and manufactured using only top grade mirrored finished stainless steel fabricator bows, fitted with marine grade S/S fittings, 100% UV resistance thread, made from your choice of marine grade fabrics, complimented with the superior clarity of Strataglass main sail trim window. They come with zipped pockets for easy off/on and can be fully removed and erected in a matter of minutes for the hard-core racers. View Product Gallery

Small Coverse9sss

We can make a whole range of marine covers to custom suit your needs, for just about anything on your boat. Including, but not limited to, wheel covers, leather helm wraps, winch covers, spinnaker pole covers, rail covers, BBQ cover, cockpit table covers, etc, etc… View Product Gallery